What is Store Credit?

When you receive a gift voucher you may want to register it straight away. This will add the credit to your account immediately, ready for you to spend. You don’t need to do this - you can keep it in voucher form.

Just enter the 8 digit code into the Store Credit section of your Tribesports Shop account and click ‘Add’.

Once the voucher has been added to your account, it can’t be transferred to another account.

You have 12 months to spend the whole amount of your Store Credit although you don’t have to spend it all at once.

When you want to buy something using your Store Credit, it will automatically appear as a payment option when you reach the Payment Details section of checkout. Just click ‘Use Store Credit’.

If you’re spending more than the value of your Store Credit, you’ll need to pay the extra using a credit or debit card, or Paypal in the usual way. 

If you’re spending less than the value of your Store Credit, the credit will stay on your account for you to spend later, you’ll need to spend it before the expiry date of the gift voucher.
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